StepUp Door Lever Lock
StepUp Door Lever Lock
StepUp Door Lever Lock

StepUp Door Lever Lock

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No more children locking in your room or no one can sneak in your room like a thief! The only way to lock and unlock the lever lock is by pressing the buttons.
Prevents the threat of thieves, double the lock on any door, stop kids or pets locking you or themselves in a room. Suitable for most kinds of door lever handles.


🚪Stop kids from getting into specific rooms and lock them or themselves.
🔒Double lock your door so safer from thieves who trying to open it.
🚪Prevent children from playing with the door and pinching their fingers.
🔒Easy and simple to operate by an adult but hard for children to operate.
🚪Suitable for most kinds of door lever handles and wide applications.
🔒The only way to lock and unlock the lever lock is by pressing the buttons!


Material: Plastic
Size: 3.8cm x 7.6cm
Additional Product Feature: 3M Adhesive
Color: White


2packs of StepUp Door Lever Lock